Their are many possible uses for apps in physical education.  I bought an Android tablet many months ago.  It instantly became my kids favorite new toy.  They mostly use it for movies and games.  Up until several weeks ago I used it for reading email, studying my bible and referencing commentaries and video. 
    Recently, I have found several apps I am very excited about.  I have created a separate page on my phone and Android so that I can locate them easily.  There are apps that can instantly track your heart rate using the camera and light on your phone (Instant Heart Rate).  Calorie Counter not only counts your calories, but offers suggestions and helps you or your student set goals.  For strength training, an app called Fitness Buddy Free provides sample workouts based on goals.  It comes with detailed descriptions and pictures.  MapMyRun gives suggestions for local runs with details of distance and what you might see along the way.
    The possibilities seem endless for using apps and many of them are free.  One app that I wish I could find for Android is a gradebook.  Our school uses an online grading system that is easy to use for attendance and grading.  It would be great to find an app to use in the field

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