I can see myself using many of the technologies that we have experimented with so far in the future for use in the class.  I enjoy the idea of using facebook for perhaps less educational purposes; more geared toward coaching and or youth group.  When I told our youth recently that I was working on a facebook page for our group they were all excited about sending current photos.  It seems like it might be a good avenue to connect with them during the week.  I envision a similar scenario with coaching soccer.

Perhaps the most useful to me so far would be the use of podcasting and a personal web page (pwp).  I am excited about the ablility to develop a pwp specifically designed toward teaching physical education.  Students would be able to learn about their teacher, read about specific class goals, keep up with current thoughts through blogs, and listen quick messages or thoughts via podcasting.  It seems silly now to not take advantage of something that young people today might be more interested in working with.  I believe it would prove a useful tool to communicate to our new generation of thinkers.

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