One of the major concerns I have as an educator going forward is the seemingly growing inability of youth to focus on non-technology tasks for extended periods of time.  The article (Elon studies the future of "Generation Always-On") describes both a concern and a excitement for the future.  Will students greatly benefit from technology and be able to multi-task and produce faster because of their connectivity?  Or will they be unable to "unplug," lack the ability to focus for long stints, be inpatient and limited in their critical thinking to 140 characters?

I have been an educator for just over ten years.  Though I am young in the field, I believe it is hard not to be both concerned and excited for youth.  Teachers will need to take advantage of current and future technology in the classrooms because of its importance in life today.  At the same time, teachers must also provide students with real opportunities off of the internet.  If teachers are to be successful reaching students we must be able to use technology tools effectively, but also be able to steer students to quality time off-line. 

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