I can remember going to the library to study in college.  Looking for professional journal articles was quite different then.  Only certain computers, on particular floors, and in specific sections could give me the information I needed, or provide me with a reference number for another location.  Then I could finally retrieve the information or source. 
Today, I get most of my news through online local newspapers like sacbee.com.  I use PE central for new ideas in the arena of physical education.  Church websites provide the extra sermons I listen to, and Bible applications help me with commentaries.  Nobody could have told me I would have used the internet so much several years ago.

The internet can also be a distraction in learning.  It is very important to stay focused on topic.  The ease of moving from one topic to another, combined with advertisements can get a person sidetracked pretty fast.  I find that I personally appreciate sites that are not overly gaudy.  Some sites have too many colors or artisitc word texts, mixed with a variety of flash media.  I find these distracting. 

Technology can be a great tool to unlock learning.  There is a lot more I could learn.  Many use the internet with much more ease than I do.  When I think back to how I used technology even 5 years ago it is almost humorous.  Even though I am not as up to date as some of my friends and colleagues, I have come a long way.   

Jordan Glessner
5/13/2013 08:23:51 pm

I agree with your reference to how quickly we have become linked to the internet. I am 23, and even when I was in high school we had just starting really using the internet for research and more for e-mailing purposes. Then social media started to take over and I felt like I had to stay connected through what was going on, and the internet became the source of finding the information! In college we learned how to use this source effectively and as a way to communicate in the professional world. This class has forced me to become even more involved. When I ask my students for assistance or an explanation they look at me with such disappointment because I am only 23 and have no idea how to sign up for twitter!

Alan King
5/16/2013 02:28:22 pm


I too remember long hours in the library during college. The fact that I can access information needed from the comfort of my couch is really nice. However, there is still something to be said about spending time in the library. It is probably more nostalgic than anything else.

I remember one semester where I spent 5-8 hours on the weekends working on a research paper. If I were able to access the information from home, it would have taken me much longer because of the distractions associated with working from home.


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