The concept of microblogging has been completely foreign to me until recently.  The popularity of it today is definitely beyond the point of ignoring.  As a sports enthusiast it is very common while reading up on any sports news to catch sections of websites that are devoted to athletes tweets.  They are short descriptions of peoples actions, thoughts, and or coming and going's.    Radio and televisions commentators regularly site them to demonstrate opinion, or more often it seems, to stir the pot on some controversy.
Microblogging will likely continue to expand.  It is a good tool that can be used to connect with friends or catch up on quick bits of news and knowledge.  The concern to watch out for seems to be to always consider the source of the information.  I am definitely behind the times in this area, and it sounds like it is might be time to catch up a little.

5/16/2013 03:33:38 pm

I could not agree with you more about feeling behind when it comes to microblogging. Before this class I did not even know what microblogging was, let alone have a twitter account. I look forward to learning more about the benefits of having a twitter account. With me being a basketball coach, I look forward to using it with my high school players. You are right about sportscasters using professional players "tweets" as a way to "stir the pot" for controversy. Often times many players are penalized or fined for their opinions that they post. I can see microblogging have several benefits but it is important to not abuse it. I look forward to reading your future post and hopefully we can get up to speed on this new microblogging concept.


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