There is so many productivity tools out there on the web it is overwhelming.  Looking at some of the tools available a few of them caught my eye.  I am hoping that they might be immediately useful to me.

Google Calendar is a simple organizational online calendar service.  An administrator once tried to get me started on the program but I did not pay it much attention the first time around.  Today I was able to quickly navigate through some of its features and was pleased with the results.  I have already put in some important reminders.  The program walks you through how to set up reminders and have them emailed to you.  Just a few moments ago I received my first reminder.  I am hoping to continue with this program as it could be an invaluable tool to help me stay organized.

Another productivity tool that could prove immediately helpful is "mapmyrun".  It provides users with endless varieties of local runs for any city that you might live in.  The site allows you to type in keywords that help you find runs that suit your interest.  I live near the American River and was able to locate several runs that others had recommended.

One productivity tool that was a little scary to me was "keepass".  At its core it is a password keeper.  With all the passwords I have for multiple new accounts it is getting more difficult to remember them.  This site keeps your passwords for you.  The site says that the passwords are encrypted so they can not be hacked.  Yet, I do not think I will be using this service.  It is just a little to risky for me.

Several other tools caught my eye as well.  Tools like Dropbox (which I recently signed up for) and Google Doc's.  It is amazing how many options are out there on the web now.  The trick seems to be finding the ones that are most beneficial while being

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