Looking for the perfect online statistics tool seems to depend greatly upon your specific needs.  There is a wide variety of options.  Some sites are designed for advanced calculations and analyzing, while others are dedicated to simplicity of use.  The latter of the two options would be more suited to my needs. 

The top three free online sites that I discovered were SISA (Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis), WolframAlpha, and WebMath.  As stated, SISA lends itself to simple and straightforward use.  It allows you to input numbers and get instant results.  It is more geared to common calculations.  I was really impressed with WolframAlpha.  The main page offers you a simple space to type in text or numbers.  From the data you input the site will direct you to definitions, examples and pictures of your topic.  Or, you can input a set of statistical numbers with spaces and receive what you need (like a histogram).  The last site that I would recommend was WebMath.  The site is very user friendly and designed for  a wide span of users.  WebMath can be used for early algebraic equations or highly complex calculations.  It has a wide range.  Again, the site allows the user to quickly input data (or even paste previous sets), check the boxes that apply to your needs (e.g. standard deviations or correlations)and quickly receive your information.  For my needs, which are mostly basic statistical analysis, SISA, WolframAlpha, and WebMath are good places to start.

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