I have very good memories of some of my first jobs.  I started at fourteen as a busboy in a steakhouse.  Later I worked as a laborer, digging a lot of holes and moving dirt from here to there.  In college I worked campus safety and then sold tools at Sears in the hardware section.  Eventually,  I worked my way over to selling in the sports section.  I recall, becoming really excited about selling the products.  Talking about physical activity with customers while they were being sold on treadmills and elipticals brought out a joy that was different than selling wrenches or power tools.  I was in my "sweet spot."  This is what Marcus Buckingham refers to in his video as "playing to my strengths."
My current jobs directly tie in to some of my strengths.  Currently, I teach, coach, lead adult bible studies and youth group.  I agree that if you are playing to your strengths, sometimes a long day at work can give you more energy or be invigorating.  This is because getting results as a teacher, means that the students benefit all the more. 
Weaknesses are often harder to admit, but essential to note.  Writing has never been my strength.  My wife could probably take care of several assignments, while I am still frustratedly editing my first.  I am also not much of a "techy."  Quick computer fixes are easy for some of friends, so I usually rely on them when I am stuck.
I am not sure I agree with the solutions to Buckingham's three myths.  There are however some grains of truth.  I believe it is essential to manage your weaknesses, while playing to your strengths.  If feel daily blessed to be where I am, doing what I am called to do.

Arthur Berlanga
5/14/2013 02:16:09 am

Hey Greg, I enjoyed reading some of your blog posts. First and foremost, I lift up your son up in prayer. I once heard that, "You don't fully understand or know love until you have a child." I love your passion and perspective for life and career path. When reading about the work experiences you had, I noticed that we had similar jobs. My first couple years in college was also a busboy. Though I didn't work at Sears, I did work at Home Depot for a couple of years. I admire your recognition of strengths and applying your God given gifts of desire to others through service.


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