Professional networking strategies have changed so much in the last decade that some of the old adages are changing.  Today, an online presence is a major part of getting your name out there.  In the past many of these opportunities were not possible. 

As I have been discovering, professional networking can be accomplished on all different levels of through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Personal Web Pages, and so on.  The image of yourself that you post online can communicate either a high level of professionalism or a socially relaxed presence.  Each website has its advantages and disadvantages.  Each website also has slightly different goals and capabilities to help you accomplish what you need.  In the world of today, it can be important to represent yourself in different lights depending on the audience you expect to be reading your posts. 

I have always thought that it is important to represent myself in a positive light, especially in the professional realm where I expect to meet others.  One has to be careful, especially online where your words are posted for all to see, that your words are chosen carefully and respectfully.  You never know who might be reading.  I believe this adage will never change, whether you are onlin

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