Web 2.0 is radically different from web 1.0, although I feel like only now am I really aware of some of the differences.  The main difference is the interactivity of online web use. 

Early last fall I bought an Android tablet.  I began using the tablet to find useful apps until I felt like I had too many options.  All of the apps come with reviews of previous users.  Reviews are expressed on the positive and negative side.  It often quickly helps me decide whether I want to spend time trying the app.  Little did I realize that these reviews are apart of the new generation of web use.  This type of interactivity was not possible before.

Comments posted on blogs, tweets, and facebook friends posts are all apart of this technology.  In reality, the ability to interact this way, via the web, opens up whole new doors.  It puts information on a never ending cycle that just keeps growing.  It has already affected the educational sector and it will be interesting to see where it takes us in the not too distant future.

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