Organization of internet information can be a daunting task.  I often have issues piling up too many emails because I don't delete them when I should, or do not properly put them into folders.  Now that I am identifying new ways to learn and engage online it will be critical for me to put these tools together in a format that is usable. struck me as the site to help me accomplish some of this.
The concept of creating my own personal web of information in the style on pearltrees appeals to me because it is simple to use.  New "pearls" or sections of my interest are easy to create.  From there, the site allows you to branch out and organize the information you collect.  The information can be websites, texts, tweets, and others.  I am new to the experience, but hopeful that I can use the tool effectively.

5/19/2013 12:35:34 pm


I enjoyed reading this because it was my same exact story entering this class. I was not very well organized, certainly regarding my email folders and I was not the biggest fan of creating a PWP last week. However, it has been an outstanding experience seeing all of my peers backgrounds and stories entering this class. I hope everything continues to go successful for you, goodluck the rest of the way!


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