In the world of today an online professional portfolio is becoming more popular.  I wanted to address some of the pros and cons of them.

Some Pros
A digital professional portfolio can be the same as a typical professional portfolio presented in a binder, except the online aspect makes new things possible.  It can be an always evolving work in progress that includes resume and philosophies.  Taken to the next level, a digital portfolio can better showcase your works, skills, and education.  Some good representations can be created on google sites, weebly, and prezi. 

LinkedIn is more of a professional online resume.  You can also detail areas of you expertise and experience.  However, LinkedIn will also connect you to others in the field or who you know personally or professionally.

Personal web sites can be designed in many ways.  They can be a powerful tool to positively represent oneself.  Or you could construct them to be more student oriented.  This means you could provide information about you (the teacher), but post assignments or blogs about class.

I do not feel that there are many cons to the professional portfolios mentioned.  One can always have more than one focus, perhaps keeping a LinkedIn account for job search purposes, while also maintaining a personal web site that is more student focused.  One note of caution, is making sure to always represent oneself professionally.  I have seen some online portfolios that are too casual for professional environments.  It is important for potent

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