Looking through the list for the top 100 productivity tools (link http://c4lpt.co.uk/top100tools/) is surprising to me, but not nearly as surprising as it would have been just three weeks ago.  Going through the Technology course at Fresno Pacific University has been enlightening.  I have become much more aware, although still a beginner, of some of the possibilities online.

What is still highly interesting to me is that Twitter is listed as the number one site for learning.  I think that the term learning is stretched a little bit to just mean passing of information.  There are definitely solid references on Twitter for learning, but this seems to be mixed with a lot of random opinion. 

I am not surprised to see Youtube and Wikipedia.  These sites are so easy to use.  As long as you keep in mind that the sources of the videos in Youtube, it can be very instrumental in education.

The rest of the list comprises some sites I would not have heard of before 3 weeks ago; places like dropbox, google docs, Khan Academy, or LinkedIn.  Now it seems that these might be a part of what I use to support my teaching.  I am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge  online use.

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